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Cutting, styling, treating, and colouring hair for men, women, and children in a work environment that ranges from homes and salons, r

Eye Care

We undertakes special efforts to motivate people particularly from socioeconomically weaker sections and those living in slums, tribal, rural areas, for self-employment. The information regarding major role of women in economic empowerment of community is disseminated to the people, which make formation of Participatory Platforms possible in highly marginalized areas

Technical Vocational Skills

Intensive mobilization, information and education on vocational skills, advocacy for vocational skills and communication campaigns development among communities


we have conducting training programmes to institutions like schools and universities as well as running workshops and trainings with local communities with various in conservation to combat global warming and climate change. Such programs shall include;-Forestry: Around the country

Hands on Skills

Focusing our efforts on the skills building of women and girls, especially those living in extreme poverty, is of great importance if we are ever going to create a world in which no one is limited by their gender or class.  

Health Care and Support

These seminars are carried out on uarterly basis where the members will look forward to learning about personal health and other habbits that affect their way of life

Children with Disabilities project

Victory Power Development Link (Mengo)’ not only spreads information and awareness among disabled/handicapped people about various beneficial schemes enunciated for them but it also makes concrete efforts to enable them to benefits from such schemes, financially and medically. As a result of these efforts by ‘Victory Power Development Link (Mengo)’ four physically disabled people were able to employee themselves

Drug awareness and sensetization

Victory Power Development Link (Mengo)’ organizes camps in slum areas and locales inhabited by socially and financially disadvantaged strata not only for disseminating awareness about harmful effects of Drugs but also spread knowledge about methods for de-addiction.


 Participation in sport and cultural activities provides children and young people with many benefits in regard to their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Children who participate in sport tend to have higher social competence, exert more self-control and report greater wellbeing than their non-participating peers..

Metal fabrication and Welding

This section ushers our trainees into skills that meet the needs of the fast growing construction industry. Trainees learn to make metallic windows, doors, gates and several other products.We do both formal (students sit for DIT both practical and theory) and non-formal (only practical) exams and center exams. This is categorized depending on someone’s qualification, ability, interest and performance. There is also modular type of training that we offer from 6 months and above..